Monday, January 5, 2009

New Yoga Student Newsletter coming soon!

This newsletter is especially for my new yoga students, but anyone can sign up, and it's free! You can fwd the link to your friends, and you'll receive a special gift just for opting in.... watch for it soon, January, 2009!


jindi said...

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Barabara davis said...

New yoga student needs a good yoga teacher or a good yoga blog from where he/she can learn it. Some good collection of yoga related post is here

Anonymous said...

Ayurvedic Yoga therapy
As has been said several times, Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root of verb Yuj and indicates the act of subjugating. Example: to subjugate oxen to an oxcart. Its meaning accords to this system the role of discipline where we think to subjugate the instinctive personality present in human nature, to orientate and direct it to higher purposes represented by other meanings, that we’ll see afterwards, attributable to Yuj verb. Promoters of this discipline at the beginning prepare (on a psycho-somatic level) to subjugate mind and body to obtain a perfect unity, operating, in deep levels, to a single idea.