Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yoga Teacher Training in Cambridge

I'm in Cambridge, Mass this week with Patricia Walden and Joan White at their "Joy of Teaching" workshop for Certified Teachers. What a dedicated bunch! This is our ongoing education, part of our commitment to refine and improve our craft so we can help you even more effectively. Watch out in my classes after I return!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Get your ass to yoga class

I am earnestly trying to help you have a home practice, besides going to class, but this funny 1-minute video is for the couch potatoes among you..... if you're not ready for your own practice yet, at least get your ass to yoga class....you'll feel better and you'll be glad you did. :)

Friday, July 6, 2007

first youtube yoga upload: chair sirsasana

My very first youtube upload -(click on link - it's not just the picture you see to the right!) an instructional 2 minute clip about how to do "chair sirsasana" as taught in class. hold for 1-2 minutes maximum. benefits: releases trapezius tension, neck release, allows inversion even with (and especially if you have a) neck issue. If you stay in the pose longer than 2 minutes, you should use head support (blankets, etc.) as we do in class. If you have still have trouble going up by yourself, ask me next class to show an easy way to come up by yourself. If you use padding, as shown in this picure, make sure it is symmetrical, and lined up with the edge of the chair!

This is meant for my Iyengar Yoga students as a supplement to their class attendance, to aid them in their own practice. My advice is not to attempt this without a teacher, as there are a few details, without which, discomfort and even injury are possible. And of course, no inversions during menstruation, with high blood pressure nor eye pressure issues such as gluacoma.